Once the implant is completely healed, a small metal post, called an Abutment, completes the foundation on which your new tooth will be placed. The abutment attaches to the implant and serves as the anchor upon which your dentist will place the new crown. If your implants are being used to hold a denture in place, a special abutment is used for this. Most abutments are made out of titanium, however for teeth seen when the patient smiles a ceramic, or tooth-colored, abutment is used to help achieve the best esthetic result.

Missing tooth gap
Missing tooth gap filled with an implant
Missing tooth gap getting an implant tooth placed

Forsyth Periodontal Associates is unique in that we maintain an inventory of all types of abutments in our office. The abutment is provided to you at our cost, which saves both time and expense for you and your dentist. This also streamlines the dental implant process and allows you to receive your final crown or restoration in a timelier manner.

Occasionally a custom-made abutment is necessary to provide you with the ideal esthetic crown. Due to a unique relationship with a local dental laboratory, we can provide this custom abutment at no additional cost to you or your dentist. This includes tooth-colored abutments for front teeth.