Canine Exposure For Orthodontics

Occasionally teeth do not come into the mouth, or erupt, normally. Instead they can become impacted, meaning they are stuck in the wrong position or blocked from erupting. Other than 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) this most often occurs with upper canines, although other teeth can also be involved.

If a tooth is impacted, the tooth must be uncovered, or exposed, with a periodontal surgical procedure. During this procedure, once the tooth is exposed, a small orthodontic bracket is cemented to the tooth. Following a short healing period the orthodontist can begin pulling the tooth into its correct position.

Impacted canines or other teeth can occur in many different positions relative to their ideal location, so the technique used to expose the tooth is extremely important in assuring the correct eruption of the tooth and the health of the gum tissue around the tooth once it is in its final position.