Implant Replacement Options

Single implant for single tooth

A single prosthesis (crown) is used to replace one missing tooth each prosthetic tooth attaches to its own implant.

Missing tooth
Single tooth implant
Single tooth implant getting a teeth placed.

Implant Bridge

A partial prosthesis (fixed bridge) can replace two or more teeth and may require only two or three implants.

Multiple missing teeth on bottom mouth
Two implants inserted


Dentures with Implants

A complete dental prosthesis (fixed bridge or hybrid denture) replaces all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw.

Completely teethless mouth
Implants being placed


All-On-4 / Fixed Hybrid / Teeth In A Day

An implant-retained denture (or overdenture) uses special attachments that your denture snaps on to. The denture is as stable as real teeth, and can be removed daily for cleaning.

Completely teethless mouth
Implants being placed


Many times a temporary crown or prosthesis can be delivered the day or day after implants are placed. This is called an Immediate Restoration, and will be coordinated with your general dentist. If Immediate Restoration is not indicated, we will arrange with your general dentist to provide you with good looking and functional temporary replacement teeth you will never have to go without teeth.

The number of implants varies depending upon which type of prosthesis is recommended.

Dr. Suttle or Dr. Pierce often utilize the most current technology to assess implant sites, particularly a 3D scan (Cone Beam Volumetric Scan). They will discuss all implant options with you at your first visit, and in conjunction with your general dentist develop a treatment plan appropriate to meet your needs.