Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Specialty Training in Periodontics and Dental Implants
  • Implants System Brand and Quality of Materials Used
  • State of the Art Technologies and Modern Facility
  • Team Approach with Your General Dentist
  • Continually Seeking Education and Training
  • Predictable Results Proven Over Years of Experience

Advanced Specialty Training in Periodontics and Dental Implants

ABP logoPeriodontics is 1 of 9 dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. To become a periodontist, you must apply to a residency, be accepted (which not all are) and complete 3 years of training in addition to dental school.

Dr. Mark Suttle and Dr. Trent Pierce received their specialty training at the University of North Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina, respectively, which are consistently recognized as two of the most respected and prestigious training programs in the country. During residency training they studied and mastered techniques pertaining to gum and bone grafting, implants, sinus lifts, treatment of periodontal disease, in addition to other specialized surgical treatment.

Dr. Suttle or Dr. Pierce are both Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology & Implant Placement, a rigorous certification that is not mandated to practice Periodontics but is an elective certificate for those surgeons looking to prove their level of knowledge and skill is of the highest standard. A Diplomate is a Periodontist who has made significant achievements beyond the mandatory education requirements of the specialty and who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology. The certificate is only awarded after completion of both written and oral examinations taken in Texas. Only a small percentage of periodontists are achieve and maintain Diplomate status; re-certification is required every 6 years to assure the title Diplomate means that clinician is current with techniques, skills and most of all, sound judgement.

Implants Systems and Materials

Straumann logoAt Forsyth Periodontal Associates we only use the most proven and researched materials in implant dentistry. We (almost) exclusively use the well-researched implant systems Straumann and Nobel Biocare, the worldwide leaders in market share. The quality of materials used has an impact on whether implants can be successful, so we do not use generic implants, clones, or anything not approved for the implant systems we place. Research has proven this does make a difference in results.

We understand that cost can be of concern, a valid consideration considering dental implant treatment is not inexpensive. If comparing costs, make sure you are comparing apple to apples, and ask the following questions:

  • What implant system are you using? Why are you using this system? Is this the best system on the market?
  • What bone graft material are you placing inside of me? What is the evidence behind using this material?
  • How much training have you had in surgical technique? Are you a dental specialist? Can you perform the procedure at the level of a specialist? Are you board certified?

State of the Art Technologies and Modern Facility

We moved into our new facility at 2870 Lyndhurst Avenue in July, 2015. We designed the office to utilize state of the art technologies and treatment, not just for today but for the future. See more under our Office Tour section.

Our office is completely digital, with digital radiographs, digital cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), and digital photography. See more under our Technology section.

Team Approach

We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary treatment approach. What does this mean? No one can be great at every aspect of dentistry; there are too many trades within dentistry – fillings, cleanings, crowns/bridges, extractions, root canals, implants, grafts, sinus lifts, etc. Therefore, we work cohesively with the best dentists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, and dental laboratories to provide you with the best care possible. We work with your dentist as a team where each clinician focuses on the area that they are most skilled and work together to provide the best care. Sometimes it means more time spent in the treatment planning phase – we are not a one-stop shop and believe the best care comes from careful and coordinated planning. The advantages? We strongly believe you will receive a higher quality of care and better end result. We’ve seen cases treated all by one person and others as a team approach – the patient wins when more than one set of eyes and training background can give opinions.

Just as you would see a medical specialist for a heart procedure, a mammogram, or a biopsy, we believe you should see a dental specialist for certain procedures such as grafting and implants. As such, we work as a team to provide you the optimal care.

By working with other dentists and specialists, we provide a system of mutual quality control. Our work is constantly viewed and critiqued by other members of the dental community. Together, we hold each other to the highest quality of care possible.

If you do not have a general dentist, that Is OK. We can start the planning phase and introduce you to a general dentist who we know is qualified to help with your specific needs, desires and insurance requirements (if this is a factor).

Continually Seeking Education and Training

Drs. Suttle or Pierce, if you’ve read their biographies and Why Us page?, understand there is more information to be learned than what their training or Diplomate certification has taught them. Continually seeking education from experts around the world is necessary for any specialists claiming to be “current” with techniques, materials, and clinical judgement. Drs. Suttle or Pierce are leaders of several different types of study clubs in the Winston Salem area – Spear Study Club, Seattle Study Club, Forsyth Surgical Study Club and Seattle Hygiene Study Club – where they meet monthly, after-hours with other dentists to study and discuss cases, to continue their journey of education. Moreover, they host speakers yearly from around the nation to educate your dentists and hygienists, in addition to attending multiple national meetings for various organizations to learn and stay current with our techniques and practice for you, our patients.

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Predictable Results

Drs. Suttle or Pierce have performed thousands of periodontal and implant procedures with highly predictable results. We seek to provide the best therapies to our patients utilizing proven, evidence-based techniques and state of the art technologies.

We treat our patients as if they are family and strive to provide exemplary and professional care in a compassionate and caring environment. We emphasize open communication so that you, the patient, can fully understand your condition and all of your options before you decide which treatment is best for you. We believe that a patient who is fully educated and engaged leads to better overall results.