Insurance Information

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care and believe you should have a choice and control over your care. Therefore, are not “in network” with any insurance company. This does not mean they will not accept treatment done at our office; rather, this means when we help you submit your insurance paperwork they will reimburse you directly and the rate of reimbursement will be different than an office that is “in network”. As your health care provider, our relationship and concern is with you and your health, not the insurance company. For this reason, we would like to share some facts with you regarding dental insurance.

1. Dental insurance programs are contracts between your Employer and the Insurance Company, written with no input from the dentist that treats you. The employer chooses which treatments are covered and the benefit level, NOT based upon the treatment YOU need. The more your employer paid for your plan, the higher the benefit you receive; the less your employer paid, the lower the benefit you receive.

2. Dental insurance is an aid and NOT designed to cover all treatment costs.

3. Most plans are written to cover only minimal care, not even covering routine procedures. We are a specialty practice performing state of the art procedures providing long-term benefits for our patients. Unfortunately, some plans have not kept pace with medical and dental science, choosing only to cover older, less reliable treatments. Additionally, while over the last twenty years costs of dental treatment have risen in accordance with the cost of living, the amount and yearly limitations of dental insurance have virtually stayed the same.

Because of these facts regarding dental insurance, we do not accept assignment of benefits from insurance plans. Accordingly, we need your assistance and understanding in handling insurance and financial matters regarding treatment.

INSURANCE: We ask that treatment fees in our office be paid in full by the patient. As a courtesy, we will prepare the insurance claim for you to file for reimbursement. Our office offers several types of financial arrangements which will be discussed with you at your first visit.

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Regardless of insurance coverage, and to avoid misunderstanding, a written treatment plan estimate and financial arrangements will be made prior to treatment. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for your convenience. In addition, we offer an interest free extended payment plan through CareCredit.